I was actually thinking of these very same cherries this morning, when a friend in France mentioned she’d picked three kilos of cherries. I remembered a summer several years ago, when my sister-in-law, who lived near Grenoble, sent a shoebox of cherries home with my daughter in her suitcase. We enjoyed the heck out of those cherries. I made Cherry Chocolate Chip Blondies, although we ate most of them unadorned, right out of the box.

So, since it’s Throwback Thursday, I found a photo of those cherries. The other day, I bought a bag of cherries and they were nothing like these cherries that came over on the plane from France, hidden in a shoebox.

I’m still waiting to see if my flowering tree is a cherry tree. It might be a pear, or just something ornamental. We haven’t lived here a full year yet, so there are still some surprises left in the garden. If not, I might need to plant one soon, because there is nothing like fresh cherries straight from the tree.

(Oh, and if you ask nicely, I’ll post the recipe for the Cherry Chocolate Chip Blondies. I made it up myself, back when I was a food blogger.)

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