From Harlequin Junkie:

Temptation was a strong debut novel. Once I started reading this book, I wanted to keep paging through it to find out how the author would turn this forbidden love story around and give it a HEA. Overall I enjoyed this book and Kathryn did a fab job of keeping it real to the very end. I can’t wait to read more from this author and definitely recommend this book. HJ Top pick!

From BookTrib:

Jacob is a complex man, with doubts and wants.  His conflict, and how he handles it, makes him one of my favorite heroes.  Laura has her own concerns and doubts.  She comes across as selfish and pushy, but that’s part of the growth she needs to experience.  And with time on her hands in the quieter world living near the Amish she has plenty of time to think about her life.  The decisions these two have before them make for a riveting read. 

Barrett also gives readers a cast of secondary characters, some in detail and some in glimpses, which nicely rounds out the Amish world. It’s a well-crafted and intriguing place, with very unique rules that creates an extended family unit that is rare today.  It’s a compelling community and one that most people will never see. 

Temptation delivers beautifully on issues concerning faith, responsibility, sacrifice and love.  It gives readers a wonderful tale of two people trying to figure out if they can be more than they are and most importantly if they should.

From My Reading Room: 

Temptation is truly a different type of romance and Amish book. I applaud Ms. Barrett for writing it.  I truly enjoyed it the whole time I was reading it because I didn’t know what would happen. It truly felt real, the struggles were tough and they meant something to the characters.  They weren’t whims that they could just decide on and not care the next day.  They were deep decisions not to be taken lightly.  It was a fascinating story and I am really glad I found it and read it.

From Bookish Babes:

Temptation held my heart while I read it. I know that sounds melodramatic, but guys, I put my whole heart into reading books this good. I wanted Jacob and Laura to get their happy ending, but I also wanted Jacob to be true to himself. To make the decision not only for the woman he loves, but also because it is what’s right for him. Doing otherwise wouldn’t have him being the man Laura has fallen in love with. Kathryn Barrett handled these decisions perfectly, and did her characters justice. It’s unclear until almost the very end what Jacob decides, but once that time comes, it is perfect for the characters and the story. 

From Night Owl Reviews:

I also found myself being completely submerged into the Amish ways because the author had done such a wonderful job portraying the Amish people with such ease. Clearly, Ms. Barrett had done her homework in writing this novel and it definitely showed in her storytelling. I highly recommend this story and look forward to reading more from this talented author.

From Always YA at Heart:

I thoroughly enjoyed temptation.  It is obvious that Kathryn Barrett has invested a lot of time and research into the Amish way of life and has done an excellent job in conveying that in her story.

The book also ended very well, and there is a fantastic epilogue, which left me feeling very satisfied and happy about where the story went.  If you are a romance lover, then you definitely should check out Temptation.  

From Reading Reality:

Lightning strikes where it shouldn’t.

Through one very long summer, as Laura films a movie about an Amish woman committing an act that she would definitely be shunned for, Laura and Jacob meet, continue to draw sparks from each other, and pull away, both stung and stunned.

 From Romance Junkies: 

TEMPTATION was a joy to read. Ms. Barrett has done an excellent job of writing an emotionally tense story of forbidden love. Your heart will go out to Laura and Jacob as they struggle with issues of trust, faith and love. You may shed a few tears along the way, but in the end you will ultimately walk away a very satisfied reader. Kudos to Ms. Barrett for writing an outstanding debut!

From Unconventional Book Views:

Temptation is a beautiful story, about temptation, courage and love. 

If you are looking for a quiet and haunting read, you should pick up Temptation! I loved the character development, the way Jacob and Laura were yearning for each other, even with all their differences. 

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