The Entangled Edge Facebook page, that is.

If you haven’t “liked” the page yet, what are you waiting for? Me to start revealing my deepest, darkest, secrets? Or my deepest, darkest, deleted scenes?


This week the Entangled Edge Facebook page is going to be featuring Temptation. Last week was Gina Gordon’s Taste of Trouble, and I had a good time reading excerpts from her book and participating in the great giveaways.

I’ve got some favorite deleted scenes ready to divulge, and some other goodies, including the most heartbreaking scene. (Bring tissues.)

And don’t forget about my blog tour. The latest stop was at Laurie’s Thoughts and Reviews where the main character of Temptation, Laura Hayes, was interviewed, fresh off her promotion tour for The Temptation of Hannah. She divulges quite a bit…that’s what happens when you give your characters your keyboard.

For every stop on the blog tour, there are chances to win a Kindle Paperwhite. You know what to do…


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