I haven’t just been admiring flowers and old furniture these past few months. I’ve been guest blogging at several blogs around the big internets! My official blog tour ended in the Spring, but I did make more blog stops after that. I just wanted to link to them here, in case you’re bored with all the flowers.

(I know, as if flowers could ever be boring!)

Way back in April I visited Tracey Livesay’s blog (and she’s getting ready to release her own book soon!). She interviewed me and the result is here. Then I was at Manga Maniac Cafe with another interview. (I love answering questions, especially about my characters!).

In July I visited Killer Crafts and Crafty Killers (love that blog name!), where I shared my favorite recipe for summer’s bounty. (One of these days I’m going to write a cookbook!)

Most recently, I was at Margary Scott’s blog talking about losing my voice…when I moved to England I feared I’d lost my American voice, hearing so many British voices around me. But that hasn’t happened…well, not completely.

Okay, here’s another picture of flowers:

The pretty Italian Garden at Wrest Park.
The pretty Italian Garden at Wrest Park.

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