Kathryn Barrett

Author of romantic fiction

Author of Temptation


“Temptation held my heart while I read it.” —Bookish Babe

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But first here’s that bit you’re dying to know…


Who am I, anyway?

I’m an author of romantic fiction. I write love stories—with happily-ever-after endings, after a fair amount of emotional upheaval. My goal: Make ‘em laugh, make ‘em cry.

My first book, Temptation, was released in February 2013 by Entangled Publishing.

Where do I get my ideas?

From an online source called “freewritingideas.com.” No, not really. I wish it were so easy, but my ideas all stem from my rather cheeky muse (these days she speaks with a British accent), who unfortunately doesn’t appear on command. But the blank page must be filled, regardless of whether or not she’s in the mood to play, so I just forge ahead, and the ideas come, fueled by serendipity and my rather stubborn characters.

In other words, I go where the characters lead me, and a couple of times, that’s been Philadelphia.

What’s a nice girl like me doing living abroad?

I currently live in England, right outside London. But I’m American, as American as apple pie, Wal-Mart, and fanny packs. (Yes, I have one, and no, I don’t call it that. Unless I want to invite lewd propositions.) Despite my husband’s career with the Air Force, I’d never lived abroad until he was assigned to London.

I love living in England. When I’m not writing I try to explore every inch of this island, rich in history and stories. Stately homes, castles, Roman ruins—I’ve been to just about every one in a hundred mile radius, plus a few stone circles.

What else?

You can see what I’ve been up to on my blog. I hope to have a newsletter soon, with news of upcoming releases. As they say in America, stay tuned!